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 1st application- Early Spring, Crabgrass & fertilizer, stops crabgrass and fertilizes the lawn.

2nd application- Mid/late Spring, fertilizer and weed control. Will help brighten your grass with visibly fewer weeds. Grub control with fertilizer, subsurface insecticide with fertilizer for continued nutrients and pest control.  *If grub control is needed.

3rd application- June/July, slow release fertilizer to help maintain a greener healthier lawn. 

4th application- August, Weed control & fertilizer, to help keep weeds at bay and continue fertilizing the lawn.

5th application- Late fall/Winter, balanced fertilizer to repair damage from the heat, drought and activity of the summer, ensuring stronger grass in the spring.

UP to 4000 square feet Prepaid for the season is 180.00 or 5 applications for 45.00 each


The most important thing you can do for your lawn is provide it with the plant essential nutrients it needs to grow and stay healthy.  


We have a five-application program to improve and keep your lawn healthy and weed free. Our program delivers balanced nutrients throughout the year to help keep your lawn looking green thicker and weed free.  

At The Green Butlers we use a combination of slow and quick release fertilizer that are formulated for each application delivering essential nutrients every 4 to 6 weeks.  


We also offer grub control for $50.00 up to 5000 sq. feet. Controls pests such as Japanese Beatles, White Grub Larvae, crickets other unwanted pests that grow and feed in your soil. This application is granular can be used with our fertilizer program.

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